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Makeup pretty

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Makeup is:
A priveledge
A toy to play with
A chance to wear a costume every day of the year
A way to communicate your mood without opening your mouth
A fashion statement

Makeup is NOT:
A mask to hide behind
Only for old ladies
Just a routine in the morning
Annoying or boring
Too "girly" for you

So you've taught yourself to create the perfect smoky eye, the essential glossy lip. You've mastered lipliner, lipstick, and lip gloss. You can use both liquid AND pencil eyeliner-- with your eyes closed. You come up with new things every day, and want to share them. And here you are. So enjoy!

-- This community is moderated by me-- sabbathcat!

-- Posts should relate to makeup and stuff like that, but an off-topic post once in a while can't hurt. ^_~ Just keep it nice. And relevant.

-- We love questions, ask them!

-- I try to respond to every comment and post, and offer as much help as I can. If I'm at a total loss, other people should be able to help.

-- We LOVE pictures. A makeup tip is made 10 times better with a picture of the result. Of course, it's not mandatory. If you don't know how to post pics in LJ entries, I'd be glad to help, just ask!

-- And of course, no rudeness. . . but that's a given.